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Top Quality CareOur pledge to you is when you buy from you will receive flawless first generation captive bred young adult Moba Frontosa!

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These are first generation captive bred Moba commonly referred to as F-1. Pictured are some of the actual frontosa for sale which as of May 17th, 2015 are 3-4″. They are much more outgoing than their wild caught parents. When you approach your aquarium it looks as though they’re greeting you but in fact they’re just looking for food. They’ve been raised on frozen mysis shrimp, blood worms, krill, some flake and when you go on vacation, you can just load up the auto fish feeder with fast sinking pellets as they love them. These boys and girls are about 1-1.5 years old and should live 25+ years so you will enjoy them for a long time. Too young to guarantee sex but I’ll do my best to give you at least a 50-50 mix.